• Common Commands

    The following tables list commands that you can use with Speech Recognition.

    To do thisSay this
    Insert a new paragraphNew paragraph, Insert sentence, Add new para, Add paragraph, New line
    Turn on listening modeStart dictation, Start listening, Wake up, Begin dictation, Microphone on
    Turn off listening modeGo to sleep, Stop listening, Microphone off, End dictation
    Delete the typed textClear everything, Delete all text, Remove everything
    Copy text to clipboardCopy to Clipboard
  • Smileys
    To insert thisSay thisTo insert thisSay this
    ;-)Wink face:-)Smile, Smiley, Smiling face, Happy face
    :-))Very happy face:-(Frown, Sad face, Angry face
    :-|Straight face, Neutral face:-/Annoyed face
  • Special Characters
    To insert thisSay thisTo insert thisSay this
    ©Add copyright, Insert copyright, Add copyright sign%Add percent, Insert percent, percent sign
    @Add at, Insert at, at sign, at=Add equal, equal sign, equal
    +Add plus, plus sign, plus-Add minus, minus sign, minus
    ÷Add division, division sign, divisionxAdd multiplication, multiplication sign
    *Add asterisk, insert asterisk>Add greater than, greater than sign
    <Add less than, less than sign$, ¥, €, ¢ £Insert dollar (or yen or euro or cent or pound) sign
  • Punctuation Marks

    You can prefix the command with either "add " or "insert ". For instance, you can say "add apostrophe " or say "insert apostrophe " and both command will add the ' symbol in the cursor position.

    To insert thisSay thisTo insert thisSay this
    .full stop, dot, point, period,comma
    ·center dot(space)space
    !exclamation mark, exclamation point&ampersand
    #hashtag|vertical bar
    ;semicolon?question mark
    /forward slash\backslash
  • Quotes & Brackets
    To insert thisSay thisTo insert thisSay this
    Open single quoteClose single quote
    Open double quoteClose double quote
    {Open brace}Close brace
    (Open parentheses)Close paranthesis
    [Open bracket]Close bracket
    <Open angle bracket>Close angle bracket

Voice Dictation

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